The Lid/Stir was inspired by pure laziness.  Never wanting to pry open a paint can, deal with a messy stir stick, messy, dripping paint while pouring and hammer the Lid on ever again.

In a perfect world, we would start a project and complete it 100% without stopping.  However, life happens and many times we must "Chip away" over time and this product is designed to allow the focus to be on the painting, not the preparation, mess and clean-up, before and after.  So, when you do have a stoppage, you stop, put your brush or roller in a plastic bag, and when you come back, a 20 second mix and an easy pour and you are back to work.

This shear mixer was designed and produced 100% in the USA including all tooling and packaging.  Molding and assembly continue in Plymouth, Michigan.  This Mixer is made with recycled plastics that are super tough and chemical resistant.