Cleaning Tips 

1.  To easily clean your Lid/Stir when using a water base coating, simple place the Lid/Stir in a bucket of warm water and spin until clean.  You may want to rub with your fingers to remove all paint residue.

2.  Remove your paint coated Lid/Stir and place the detached mixer paddle on a flat surface to dry.  Once the paint is fully dried on the mixer paddles, it peels off easily.


1.  To store the Lid/Stir on your paint can, simply replace both RED caps and then while holding  the red caps with your hands, simply turn can upside down for 3-5 seconds.  This is to "wet" the underside of the Lid/Stir with paint, specifically the small gap between the lid and the mixer shaft.  The paint will fill the air gap around the mixer shaft and when dry, will "seal" your can for long term storage. 

2.  Store in an upright position and stack like you would any normal can. When you need to do a touch-up, just mix as usual and the dried paint seal will break loose allowing you to stir your paint..  Repeat item #1 when finished again for long term storage.

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